A Day in the Life of an Allied Health Assistant

Did you know that Australia has more than 90,000 allied health professionals who work alongside doctors and nurses to provide optimum healthcare for all Australians? In Australia, Allied Health Assistants work as direct support for allied health professionals and medical doctors. They are responsible for providing patient support and care, managing appointments, reports and sometimes visit patients off-site as part of treatment follow-up procedures. Sarah Patterson writes here about a day in the life of an Allied Health Assistant. Sarah currently works in Rockhampton and supports a Podiatrist and Physiotherapist in a small, family-owned practice.

Far from dull, the role of the Allied Health Assistant is exciting and diverse, and depends on the individual healthcare setting and provider. Here, Sarah tells us about her experiences in the industry:

I love the unpredictable nature of this job, not knowing who will come through the doors next but knowing that the skill base of our team will deal with whatever task is at hand to a high standard. Even though I held a Diploma of Nutrition, I felt overwhelmed by my new role at first, so I enrolled with Health Industry Training and shortly thereafter had completed the Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance. I’m now completing the Certificate IV, which is the next level up, which is allowing me to focus on areas I’m specifically interested in, including foot hygiene, podiatric procedures, assessment and exercise. I’ve found the course materials easy to engage with, challenging but rewarding, and I’ve already begun implementing improvements in the practice at work.

I work under direction of the Podiatrist and Physiotherapist whose experience and knowledge provide a constant source of learning for me. Engaging with people and helping them on their journey to good health must be one of the most rewarding jobs a person can have.

Part of my role is to be able to leave a job at a moment’s notice to carry out a task to support my colleagues. This could be anything from a dressing change on injured feet, transferring the Clinician’s notes into an exercise plan that’s easy to follow for the patient, providing additional personal care support for ageing patients, or providing emotional support to a patient or their family when someone is undergoing important manual therapy. Ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary, my job is certainly not a dull one. One of my highlights has to be my first CPR, and being part of a team which restored a life in the clinic environment. Making a difference doesn’t mean you have to be a lifesaver, however. There are so many little things which can mean so much: taking the time to listen, time to care and time to hold a hand. It all feels good on the inside and you can tell that patients are grateful for our help.

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