Reasons to Upskill your Staff Today

Upskill your staff for greater productivity and competitive advantage

Do you have staff that could benefit from training that would provide your business with greater productivity and flexibility? Existing employees may need to up-skill not only to assist the business, but also to develop their own careers and keep them challenged and engaged.

Providing training and further education for your staff can have a multitude of benefits for your business including:

Improved staff morale

When given the opportunity to acquire new skills, staff feel that they are contributing more to the business and will become more confident at work.   Since their employer will be encouraging them to receive training, and assisting them financially, they will recognise that you value them enough to invest in them. Upskilling also offers staff a sense of achievement and will encourage them to feel more satisfied in their job, and be motivated to achieve company goals and participate in personal development.

Lower staff turnover

Having a low staff turnover is vital to running a successful business. After all, how are you supposed to focus on business if you have staff leaving frequently and are constantly focussed on hiring new employees?  Studies show that staff training increases worker productivity, improves employee satisfaction and motivation which means that they will be more likely to stay with your business. When better opportunities are offered to staff, it’s less likely that they will want to depart your business.

Enhanced employee capability

You’ll find that once a staff member receives their qualification, they will be more confident in conducting their daily tasks and may even relieve other staff members, giving them more time to focus on their own tasks. Employees will grasp at the opportunity to expand their expertise and sharpen their skills so that they stay up-to-date in their chosen field.

Higher productivity

A qualification in their area of specialty will increase the overall efficiency and productivity of the business. Employees who are given the opportunity to better understand the running of the business and their own job role will work more efficiently. You will find that they become more motivated and more invested in the success of the business which all lead to better management-employee relationships. 

Less supervision required

Well-trained employees are more capable and willing to take on more responsibility within their job role. Employers will be in a better position to delegate certain tasks to these employees without having to worry about supervising them.  It will also free management for other tasks and also give the employee a sense of responsibility.

Increased customer satisfaction

With quality and up-to-date training, employees will be in a better position to communicate with practice team members as well as customers. They will be more capable in responding to customers’ questions, which will lead to a better delivery of customer service.

Greater competitive advantage

Whatever the industry, skilled and well educated employees are key to business longevity. With employees who are up-to-date with the latest technologies, processes and compliance and legal frameworks, you’ll possess a greater competitive advantage over your competitors.

By selecting an RTO such as Health Industry Training, you’ll reduce your learning and development outlays and have access to government funding schemes.

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